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What Do You Fear?

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Building anything from nothing is difficult. Imagining a beautiful piece of art to bring to life, new construction of homes, buildings, carving out new roadway, inventing the next best thing. No matter what is being created, there is a lot of pain that goes into the process. Especially if you are the Solo-Preneuer

Some fail, others succeed, but all feel that pain. How you deal with these times will, in my option, determine the level of success you can achieve. Success at a high level means you can not crack under the pressure.

So how do you deal with pressure, and those times in your business where you are struggling?

When I am going through times of great challenge, I think of this movie. This clip has helped me to recognize when I am in QUICKSAND.

I am a born fighter. Anyone that knows me knows I am passionate, and fighting for the right thing has always been where I stand. Going back to QUICKSAND, I now understand that, I need to flank the situation instead of fighting head on. The more you fight, the harder it grabs a hold of you.

Today, I am in QUICKSAND. It is painful. There are changes happening within myself, my business and industry that are all present, and I now recognize that what I have been doing needs to change. No need to fight hard to make it work.

In my past, I would hit it head on, and grind, and fight, and struggle through. Exhausting!!!!!!

Now, I do my best to remain calm. I create a plan, and execute. Just like anything else. No time to whine, nor complain. Now is a time of action. Now is a time to dig deeper. Now is the time to work harder and smarter that you did yesterday.

It is OK to be fearful. Recognize it, and shift. Easier said than done, but we are all a work in progress, and even though we have made the wrong choice before does not commit us to make that same choice the next time around.

You got this!!!! Whoop Whoop. I am still writing my story, but as I complete every page, I know it is better than that last.




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